How to Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 11

Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 11 has a free and amazing feature in Windows that helps you to clean up your computer's hard drive. It can help you to free up space on your hard drive, which can help you improve your computer's performance. Disk Cleanup can be used to remove old files and folders and temporary files and registry entries.

How to Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 11

It can also help to clean up your computer's startup files. In this article, I will tell you a simple and easy way to clean up your windows PC temporarily files that can slow down your PC performance with the help of PC Clean-Up Windows default software.

Why use Disk Cleanup on Computers?

Disk Cleanup has one of the built-in features in Windows that allows you to clean up your computer's hard drive by removing unnecessary files. This can free up space on your hard drive and make it faster.

Disk Cleanup can also help you keep your computer running smoothly by cleaning out temporary files and folders created as part of normal usage. By default, Disk Cleanup removes old versions of files and folders that have no longer been used. 

You can use the Keep Older Files option in Disk Cleanup if you want to keep certain old files. This option allows you to choose which files to keep and which to delete.

Use Disk Cleanup in Windows 11

In earlier versions of Windows, the ‘Disk Cleanup’ option could be found on each local drive’s ‘Properties’ window. However, it has been removed, and you must now access the Disk Cleanup wizard by selecting it from the Start Menu or by using the ‘Run’ utility.

1. To use Disk Cleanup software in Windows 11, you must first type "Disk Cleanup" in the Windows search bar.

Disk Cleanup

2. After clicking on Disk Cleanup a small window will open in front of you, in which you will be asked to select one of the hard disk drives. Select the hard drive you want to clean up.

3. After selecting the hard drive, click the OK button.

Once running, another disk cleanup window will open on your screen. By default, the categories of files to be cleaned would be already determined. You can now scroll through the list and view all the files that can be cleaned up as well as select an individual category by clicking on the tickmark preceding each listing.

4. Select the files you want to delete from the category, and then click the OK button at the bottom.

5. As soon as you click on the OK button, you will see another option, which you will be asked to delete. You have to click on the delete button so that the disk clean-up software can do its job.

Now that you’ve completed the Disk Cleanup, you’re done getting rid of all the unnecessary files on your PC.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article will help you to use Windows by default and an amazing Disk clean-up tool and increase your PC performance in minutes. Using Disk Cleanup is a great way to free up space on your computer. It's easy to use and can help you get rid of junk files that are taking up valuable storage space. Make sure to run Disk Cleanup on a regular basis to keep your computer running smoothly.

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